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Thursday, December 14th, 2006
1:07 am

A Christian video game has become the latest battleground in America's "culture" wars, with its maker claiming it promotes prayer while critics charge it carries a message of violent religious intolerance...

Players are charged with recruiting, and converting, an army that will engage in physical and spiritual warfare with the antichrist and his evil followers.

Ahh, the typical evangelical way. Convert to win the world.
Now kids are being conditioned via PC to understand the core mission of the evangelicals.

While I have no issue with the true Christians who understand the lessons of Jesus and understand that you cannot justify intolerance by going to the Old Testament. I have huge issues with the evangelicals in the US. I have issues with these charities going off into Africa mainly to convert while handing out food.
If you want to do good for the poor and hungry, do it without trying to convert. Jesus would have liked it better that way.

So this game is out, selling well, and teaching kids that the only way to win is to convert and the unconverted are on the side of evil.
Once again, going against the teaching of Jesus.

I wish someone would have enough balls to make a game in which we get to convert Evangelicals to hedonism. What fun that would be.

But I am proud to say, last weekend, I smoked pot with a honest to goodness Priest, dressed as he would in church. greeting the herd. WOO!!
Wednesday, December 13th, 2006
10:07 pm
Welcoming babylon_burning, another new member!
10:08 am
I just wanted to make a moderator post to welcome our newest member: fallingangels.
Friday, August 4th, 2006
2:38 pm
also right on cue
Phelps and his demented minions are heard from yet again.



I'm not sure wheter this most closely follows the general thread of religious suckness or the more specific thread of people who are fucking sick in the head.

Current Mood: infuriated
1:09 pm
right on cue
Just as fatman_bob has posted an argument attempting to relate pedophilia to homosexuality and I have retorted with the obvious difference between the two, along comes a perfect example of the sort of depraved sickness involved in pedophilia and (as far as I've witnessed) entirely lacking in homosexuality. That's not to say that there aren't sick and depraved individuals in the homosexual community, just as there are in the heterosexual community. Pedophilia just so happens to stand out as particularly perverse and disgusting and it is my personal opinion that this guy and all others like him should be dispatched to the judgement throne of their Maker immediately.

Please note that the asshole has given his perversion a RELIGIOUS justification. Religion SUCKS!


Current Mood: utterly groosed out
Thursday, August 3rd, 2006
8:55 am
SRDD same rant different day
It is truly amazing to me how many people simply state, matter of fact-ly, that the Bible forbids homosexuality and leave it at that. They don't say where or how or even which version of the Bible they are talking about.

I am not a gay rights advocate. I don't generally associate with homosexuals, that I know of. I have a few people very close to me who find members of both sexes attractive. I don't see why not. People are beautiful, sensual, sexual creatures. I, personally, do not find men remotely attractive on that level as they tend to be hairy, smelly and muscular while women are soft, curvy, hopefully less hairy (I dated one Italian woman), and usually smell very nice. The fact that women find men attractive boggles my mind but I'm grateful they do. The fact that some of them find women attractive seems perfectly natural to me since I most certainly do so myself.

That said, I'll get back to my point. When I think of homosexuality I think of people who are inclined to fall in love (just as the rest of us do) but with members of their own sex. If we look at this behavior as perfectly normal for the 3% or so of our population thus inclined then we have a basis to compare and contrast to our own normal behavior.

People sleep around. People fuck each other indisriminantly. This behavior leads to bad things and certainly IS discussed in the Bible (any version). God does not want us to use people in this selfish manner. It's wrong for hets and it's wrong for homos. Would God see it as more wrong if it were two men or two women engaging in this sinful activity? I don't think so. Religious people do think so because their preacher told them so. I don't believe in a sliding scale of sin. I don't believe God has a scorecard for the degree of sinfulness of various activities. That is a VERY human way of viewing things. It is natural for us to view things that way and our justice system clearly demonstrates that.

Religious people are ALWAYS telling everyone else what God said and what God thinks. Where do you suppose they get all of that? From the pulpit. The preacher is God's spokesman. It is his job to pass along to us useful information about how to improve our relationship with our Creator and Redeemer. Judging a person for being born disinclined to intimate relations with the opposite sex improves our relationship with God how exactly? Telling two people who love and adore each other with all of their hearts that they are still in the wrong due to gender will NOT improve our relationship with Christ. Of that I am certain.

God is a God of LOVE. I'll shout it again LOVE! Yet the very same people who taught us that in Sunday school and tell us that from the pulpit seem to ignore it when it comes to homosexuality. So when is love EVER wrong? How could loving someone else EVER be evil? Just because they both have dicks or neither has one? Whether or not the physical sex act is right or wrong between people is between them and the one who CAN judge us. I feel that the act of physical intimacy with my wife is the ultimate expression of love. It is a sharing act that benefits both of us, brings us together on some sort of spiritual level, and strengthens our relationship. Would it be none of those things if I were also a woman or she were a man?

Nobody would choose to be a homosexual. Just like those people unfortunate enough to be born unattractive or handicapped, their life is more difficult. They face challenges the rest of us do not and would rather not ever have to face...on a daily basis. It is very easy for an attractive, "normal", everyday Joe to feel good about who they are and where they fit within our society. Some people choose to be outsiders for attention or whatever but the homosexual does not choose this. They are born outside of the norm and have to live the rest of their lives with it. Like skin color it does not make them a bad or sinful person to be different in that way. Their list of sinful behaviors to avoid isn't really any different from everyone else's. Viewed that way one can be accepting and treat them with love instead of standing in a pulpit accusing them of ushering in Armageddon and making them feel like unwelcomed pests in our society. Why on Earth would any homosexual ever attend a church that treats them that way? How can they possibly find redemption, become members of the body of Christ and feel part of the brotherhood of believers if they are shunned at the doors for their aberant sexual nature? Are they doomed? Some preachers sure regard them that way. I'm sick in my heart about it. WWJD? He would love people, encourage them, welcome them into His heart and appreciate the love they have within them. He is all about the love.
Tuesday, July 18th, 2006
12:35 pm
Welcome to auub.
Monday, May 15th, 2006
1:20 pm
If The Da Vinci Code can destroy your faith as a Christian it wasn't a very strong faith to begin with. Get a grip people.

Edit: I'll go a bit further with the above comment. If your faith as a Christian can be destroyed by a work of fiction then good riddance; we don't need you!
Thursday, April 20th, 2006
11:54 am
So welcome to our newest member zocchihedron. The community is kind of quiet so I hope we don't bore you too much.
Monday, April 17th, 2006
4:51 pm
I've decided not to stick around for the sermon again if Pastor Henke is doing it. His sermons are horrible and nothing more than an excuse for empty, jingoistic, flag-waving. That's not why I go to church. Give me a message I can use in my day-to-day life. Please don't insult my intelligence by comparing the Hussein trial to our relationship with God. The trial of Hussein and in fact our invasion of Iraq are not above reproach. That's almost like saying that Bush is God's right-hand man, a thought that fills me with such revulsion it can't be described adequately in English. Don't get me wrong, Pastor Henke is a sweet man, but I don't like his style in the pulpit.
Sunday, April 24th, 2005
9:31 pm
The sermon this morning was good. I like Pastor Henke and I admire his soft-spoken and gentle style with a resolve behind it that is unmistakable. It's a good combination. I have however, detected his biggest hot button. For Mueller it is the push for acceptance of homosexuality and for Henke it is moral relativism.

Every time Henke includes that in his sermon, which is quite often now, particularly at Morning Praise services I'm thinking, I have to shake my head. On the one hand I completely understand his basic premise. He's pointing out that God's Word supercedes any and all ideas generated in the feeble, fevered and sinful minds of humans as far as truth and morality. The problem is that those same feeble, fevered and sinful minds are being used to read and interpret the Word of God. In the end the Word of God becomes relative due to the people sharing it and hearing it being imperfect, fallible people with varied agendas, tastes, priorities, etc.

It reminds me of the arguments I have with Randian objectivist shitheads about objective reality. Yes, it is out there and yes everyone should see it the same, recognize it for what it is. Everyone won't though. If it were possible for everyone to read, interpret and understand the Word of God the same way then people wouldn't be able to use it to justify torture, murder and terrorism because it clearly defines that sort of behavior as evil. One might suggest that it is because the Holy Spirit is not in those people doing the interpretation and understanding thing that Jesus promised. Fine and dandy for the disparity between gentle Christians and violent zealots. What about the divisions in the Christian churches then? They are undeniably based on disputes over what God's Word actually says.

So Pastor Henke can stand up there and preach that we should all look to God's Word for guidance because it contains the truth. I do hope that at the same time he understands that everyone is going to interpret and understand that truth a little differently. No two people are going to completely agree on what God's Word actually says. If I were to corner him and he were to be honest I'm sure he would tell me that there are passages on which he and Mueller have different takes.

There is actually a danger in declaring that the Word of God is this objective thing out there as though YOU know exactly what it is or figuring that an entire congregation knows exactly what that is. If we are talking about a small part of the whole it may be that we are exactly right (nobody can get the whole of God's Word and intent absolutely right). That is terrific when it happens. But if we have a portion wrong it may cascade into bad things. It can become the motivation and justification for something malign, wrong or just stupid. Having the idea that there is a large group of people, a congregation, all in agreement on a matter gives it a sort of mob mentality force, almost a life of its own. Armed with the idea that you know what God said, exactly what He meant by that, and what He wants us to do about it, the mob moves forward with actions.

I think it breaks down like this. If the "mob" has it right then their actions are in line with what God would like to see done and good things will result. If the "mob" has it wrong then very little good will come of their actions. Of course regardless of either scenario, God can and will bring good out of it somehow. That is the beauty, marvel and wonder of our benevolent, loving and glorious God. Even in our errors and sinfulness He does great things. He tolerates our errors and our arrogance at believing we are clever enough to understand exactly what He is talking about and know His mind. He allows our grave errors and our small ones because He can overcome any harm that might come from them, teach us a needed lesson by them, or use them to a Heavenly end entirely beyond our ken.
Tuesday, April 5th, 2005
12:52 pm
Welcome to heiregulus.
Thursday, March 17th, 2005
7:55 am
Welcome to distaste.
Wednesday, March 16th, 2005
3:46 pm
There was yet another article about Terry Ratzmann in the Journal-Sentinel today. I suppose I should get used to seeing his name in print at least until the next big tragedy strikes Milwaukee. The more I read about him, the more I realize I was lucky to not be killed or injured in a hail of bullets while attending WWCoG. I also realize that I knew this man, well not him exactly but too many like him. One of the old beliefs of WWCoG, still held by the splinter groups, was that members should not date or marry people outside of the church. That situation immediately isolated the group and made it virtually impossible for singles to meet anyone, especially in the smaller congregations. I met middle-aged men and women who had never been on dates. My mother dragged me to that church when I was 17. I still remember the feeling of disgust the first time a man over 30 asked me out. The girls who had grown up in that church never thought twice about men that old asking them out. They usually turned the guy down and then made fun of him. I wasn't used to old men asking high school girls out on dates.

The picture I begin to see of Mr. Ratzmann is a desperately lonely man, who had very few friends. Top all that off with being constantly beaten over the head with how sinful you are, no wonder he snapped. The Living Church of God is lucky this hasn't happened already.
Tuesday, March 15th, 2005
3:52 pm
8:51 am
I was led to look up who Sylvia Browne was and found her website very interesting. She charges $700 or so per reading and they apparently take about half an hour. I don't think most doctors and lawyers can manage to charge people $1400 an hour for their legitimate services. There's gold in them thar suckers.

What led me to investigate her is the reverence and devotion found in her believers who always seem compelled to assure us that she has changed their life. While I don't think that there is anything remotely unique about her spin on religion I do like the name she's given it. There's nothing like giving something a bit of Latin to make it sound important. Otherwise it is the same tired, new-age bullshit you can find from any woo-woo whackjob. For your entertainment I present the grand and glorious insight of world-renowned charlatan and huckster Sylvia I'm-right-at-least-a-third-of-the-time-in-my-fifty/fifty-guesses Browne:

"The way of all peace is to scale the mountain of Self. Loving others makes the climb down easier. We see all things darkly until love lights the lamp of the Soul."

The above words form the first tenet of Novus Spiritus. Within them lies the basic philosophy of the Society, namely: Life is a long journey of discovery, wherein each person must meet - and love - themselves, overcome their own fears, and learn the truth about loving. It is a process of perfecting the innate, God-given beauty of the Soul.

A B O U T S Y L V I A B R O W N E , F O U N D E R

In April 1986, Sylvia Browne embarked upon the most important chapter of her life. She founded a spiritual organization called Society of Novus Spiritus. This decision was a natural extension of her love for God and for all of humanity. Novus is Sylvia's monument to God, a forum to express the joy and love that is God - with no fear, no guilt, no sin, no hell, and no Satan. Through Novus, Sylvia gives the world a means to understand God, Life, and the reason for Being.
Sylvia's life has always revolved around God, being raised and educated in the Catholic faith, then going on to teach in the parochial school system for seventeen years. In addition, she has an unparalleled psychic ability. Since her late teens, Sylvia has been using her gift to help thousands of people. This prophetic ability has been tested many times, and each test turns into another testimonial of paranormal cognition.

The end result of Sylvia's devotion to God, and her gift of prophecy, is Novus Spiritus. Combining His love, with direct revelation of His plan, creates a New Spirit and a new understanding about life. Is this new view of life true? Each individual must make that decision, for we always say:

"Take what you like and leave the rest behind."

Yet the truth of Sylvia's words will become manifest of their own accord. When a person listens to the philosophy, and those words strike a cord of truth within the soul, then one must take heed. When those words have that familiar feeling of being correct, where the mind and heart say "that makes sense," then one must listen — for that is the God within asking for entrance to your mind. We believe that God can, and must, be understood.

Pocketus Emptyus is Sylvia's new, natural extension of her love of money and gullible people. Using her gift for bullshit and invoking God every step of the way she has helped thousands of people give up their attachment to material things and send them to her. This gift for flummery has been tested many times and no matter how frequently she is wrong in her predictions each test turns into another testimonial of the lack of normal cognition in her suckers, er, victims, um I mean, customers, no, sycophants, no not that, the thousands she has duped, er, helped.

How do these charlatans survive, perpetuate and thrive beyond the wildest dreams of avarice? Religious fervor.
Sunday, March 6th, 2005
12:11 am
Welcome to our newest members ydnic, fatman_bob, masktchi and msdrgnldy. I know a couple of you have been members for a couple of weeks, please accept my apologies for not welcoming you sooner.

If you haven't already done so please just tell us a little bit about yourselves and what brought you here.
Monday, February 28th, 2005
8:03 pm
Well I'm Rob, I'm a lazy, lazy 19 year old uni student. Uni just started today so I'm tired and grouchy cos my holidays have been revoked. Lessee...I've been raised a Christian, although my Dad's an atheist, not quite pentecostal but by no means traditional. I'm also an Aussie, which explains, at least in part the obscene laziness. My other explanation is that I'm not just a student but an arts student, and an actor to boot, and a musician on the sly. I have pets (a funny stinky dog and a cat who's nice to people when he remembers), but no wife and no children. Probably a good thing given that I am, as mentioned, only 19. Oh well. I found this site a couple weeks back cos I was bored and cruising the net - I realised I'd chucked Christianity on as one of my interests but had never checked out LJ interests - so I called up the list and picked this site more or less at random and it seemed interesting. That's about it really.
Sunday, February 27th, 2005
11:53 pm
I am the husband of the lovely, talented and snarky moderator of this community. I'm 42, father of the afore-mentioned awesome teenagers, adopter of the wonder dog Leeloo and generally a bad influence on all of the above. I'm a rock and roller to the core of my being and fit almost all of the cliche's associated with that.

I encouraged the starting of this community because our discussions had run to how messed up people get when religion and/or the associated zealotry govern their lives. I've done the fanatics suck rant but religion seems to bring out the worst sort of fanaticism, one that defies reason, lends itself to unwarranted feelings of superiority and can lead to extreme elitism, sometimes with dangerous result.

I try to avoid any claim to the label of Christian because too many people who do claim that label are shitheads. I prefer to call myself a believer in or follower of Christ so as to avoid, as much as possible, association with the embarrassing likes of Jerry Falwell.

I don't care what your relationship with God is or how you go about it, unless you choose to make it my business. That is between you and your Creator. If you are an atheist and believe we evolved from pond scum then I WILL point and laugh...but don't take it personally.
9:13 pm
I'm going ask that everyone write a quick and dirty intro and tell us about yourself and what brought you to this particular community. I'm morbidly curious.

I'm 33, recently married to a wonderful man (oag) and thrust into step motherhood to two exceptional teenagers. Oh and we have a great dog too, her name is Leeloo. I'm a former Pagan who was raised in a Pentecostal church in the southern United States. Yes, they did all the shouting and running around holy-roller stuff which is probably what drove me away from Christianity. I recently returned to the Christian faith and am taking Adult confirmation classes at the Lutheran church my husband grew up in.

So what about you? You can make a seperate entry (preferred) or make a comment to this entry which isn't really what I want. I'm just not going to be bitch about it.

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