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I am the husband of the lovely, talented and snarky moderator of this community. I'm 42, father of the afore-mentioned awesome teenagers, adopter of the wonder dog Leeloo and generally a bad influence on all of the above. I'm a rock and roller to the core of my being and fit almost all of the cliche's associated with that.

I encouraged the starting of this community because our discussions had run to how messed up people get when religion and/or the associated zealotry govern their lives. I've done the fanatics suck rant but religion seems to bring out the worst sort of fanaticism, one that defies reason, lends itself to unwarranted feelings of superiority and can lead to extreme elitism, sometimes with dangerous result.

I try to avoid any claim to the label of Christian because too many people who do claim that label are shitheads. I prefer to call myself a believer in or follower of Christ so as to avoid, as much as possible, association with the embarrassing likes of Jerry Falwell.

I don't care what your relationship with God is or how you go about it, unless you choose to make it my business. That is between you and your Creator. If you are an atheist and believe we evolved from pond scum then I WILL point and laugh...but don't take it personally.
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