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I wouldn't want to be like you

Anyone who pays any attention at all to the news will have by now heard the news of the church-shooting rampage near where Dean and I live. What you don't know is that I have a small connection to the church this occurred in. I was never taken to what you could call mainstream churches as a child. During the late 80’s my mother started to attend The Worldwide Church of God, which could only be described as a cult. Members were urged to seek ministerial advice on everything from what foods to buy to when it was advisable to trade cars. Some ministers went so far as to enter the homes of members and inspect their cabinets to ensure that no verboten foods were present. What foods were verboten? They claimed to live by Jewish Dietary Laws. They missed because there's more to being Kosher than forgoing pork and shellfish. They also forbad anything but whole-wheat flour and frowned up pasteurized milk. If you couldn't get your hands on raw milk you were urged to forgo milk completely. My mother didn't go for all of that nonsense, well she did cut pork out of her diet for a time, but beyond that she wasn't overly gung ho. They also kept all of the Jewish holidays, again they fell significantly short of that too and refused to take part in Christmas, Easter or any other major Christian holiday. I still remember their pithy little comments about how they “didn't celebrate holidays; they celebrated Holy Days.” Things like that just in general illustrated how full of themselves they were. That kind of smug, self-aggrandizement from people who couldn't decide when they should trade cars without getting advice very much rubbed me the wrong way.

During the mid-90’s the direction of the church began to change, drastically. They began to make doctrinal changes. Thousands of people left the church and began forming their own groups, the Living Church of God being one of those groups. One of the things that the WWCoG was big on in the old days was that suffering came about due to sin. The harder your life was, the more obvious it was that you weren't living right by God, during the doctrinal shift that was one belief that went by the wayside rather quickly. The Living Church seems to have decided to keep that old view. The shooter was having employment issues and had been for at least a year.

Yet again religious stupidity leads to the loss of life.
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