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It is truly amazing to me how many people simply state, matter of fact-ly, that the Bible forbids homosexuality and leave it at that. They don't say where or how or even which version of the Bible they are talking about.

I am not a gay rights advocate. I don't generally associate with homosexuals, that I know of. I have a few people very close to me who find members of both sexes attractive. I don't see why not. People are beautiful, sensual, sexual creatures. I, personally, do not find men remotely attractive on that level as they tend to be hairy, smelly and muscular while women are soft, curvy, hopefully less hairy (I dated one Italian woman), and usually smell very nice. The fact that women find men attractive boggles my mind but I'm grateful they do. The fact that some of them find women attractive seems perfectly natural to me since I most certainly do so myself.

That said, I'll get back to my point. When I think of homosexuality I think of people who are inclined to fall in love (just as the rest of us do) but with members of their own sex. If we look at this behavior as perfectly normal for the 3% or so of our population thus inclined then we have a basis to compare and contrast to our own normal behavior.

People sleep around. People fuck each other indisriminantly. This behavior leads to bad things and certainly IS discussed in the Bible (any version). God does not want us to use people in this selfish manner. It's wrong for hets and it's wrong for homos. Would God see it as more wrong if it were two men or two women engaging in this sinful activity? I don't think so. Religious people do think so because their preacher told them so. I don't believe in a sliding scale of sin. I don't believe God has a scorecard for the degree of sinfulness of various activities. That is a VERY human way of viewing things. It is natural for us to view things that way and our justice system clearly demonstrates that.

Religious people are ALWAYS telling everyone else what God said and what God thinks. Where do you suppose they get all of that? From the pulpit. The preacher is God's spokesman. It is his job to pass along to us useful information about how to improve our relationship with our Creator and Redeemer. Judging a person for being born disinclined to intimate relations with the opposite sex improves our relationship with God how exactly? Telling two people who love and adore each other with all of their hearts that they are still in the wrong due to gender will NOT improve our relationship with Christ. Of that I am certain.

God is a God of LOVE. I'll shout it again LOVE! Yet the very same people who taught us that in Sunday school and tell us that from the pulpit seem to ignore it when it comes to homosexuality. So when is love EVER wrong? How could loving someone else EVER be evil? Just because they both have dicks or neither has one? Whether or not the physical sex act is right or wrong between people is between them and the one who CAN judge us. I feel that the act of physical intimacy with my wife is the ultimate expression of love. It is a sharing act that benefits both of us, brings us together on some sort of spiritual level, and strengthens our relationship. Would it be none of those things if I were also a woman or she were a man?

Nobody would choose to be a homosexual. Just like those people unfortunate enough to be born unattractive or handicapped, their life is more difficult. They face challenges the rest of us do not and would rather not ever have to face...on a daily basis. It is very easy for an attractive, "normal", everyday Joe to feel good about who they are and where they fit within our society. Some people choose to be outsiders for attention or whatever but the homosexual does not choose this. They are born outside of the norm and have to live the rest of their lives with it. Like skin color it does not make them a bad or sinful person to be different in that way. Their list of sinful behaviors to avoid isn't really any different from everyone else's. Viewed that way one can be accepting and treat them with love instead of standing in a pulpit accusing them of ushering in Armageddon and making them feel like unwelcomed pests in our society. Why on Earth would any homosexual ever attend a church that treats them that way? How can they possibly find redemption, become members of the body of Christ and feel part of the brotherhood of believers if they are shunned at the doors for their aberant sexual nature? Are they doomed? Some preachers sure regard them that way. I'm sick in my heart about it. WWJD? He would love people, encourage them, welcome them into His heart and appreciate the love they have within them. He is all about the love.
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